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  National Champion  

age9 y/o
colorblack (EE aa)
breedDutch Warmblood
height16.1 hh
stableTrainingsstal Wereld
pedigreefoundation x foundation
traitsConfident and Competitive but Demanding

47 placings1.40M (Level 7) Jumper Show Jumping
shown by Lucas Abspoel

8,487 / 10,000 pts to CCh

$25,592 earnings

2024-02-14 Was transported from Summersend to Trainingsstal Wereld.
2024-02-14 Ownership transferred from Eloise to Ethne.
2024-01-24 Moved from 1.30M (Level 6) Jumper to 1.40M (Level 7) Jumper in Show Jumping.
2024-01-01 Seen by a vet from Blackstone Healthcare.
2024-01-01 Seen by a farrier at Blackstone Healthcare.
2023-12-06 Moved from 1.20M (Level 5) Jumper to 1.30M (Level 6) Jumper in Show Jumping.
2023-11-22 Was transported from Stal Gezellig to Summersend.
2023-11-22 Ownership transferred from Charlotte to Eloise.
2023-10-10 Moved from 1.15M (Level 4) Jumper to 1.20M (Level 5) Jumper in Show Jumping.
2023-09-01 Moved from 1.10M (Level 3) Jumper to 1.15M (Level 4) Jumper in Show Jumping.
2023-08-24 Rebranded from to Ġ.
2023-08-24 Moved from 0.90M (Level 0) Jumper to 1.10M (Level 3) Jumper in Show Jumping.
2023-08-24 Discipline shifted from Eventing to Show Jumping.
2023-08-24 Moved from Modified to Preliminary in Eventing.
2023-08-03 Moved from Training to Modified in Eventing.
2023-07-22 Moved from Novice to Training in Eventing.
2023-07-15 Moved from Beginner Novice to Novice in Eventing.
2023-07-01 Seen by a vet from Heart & Hoof.
2023-07-01 Seen by a farrier at Heart & Hoof.
2023-07-01 Trained for Eventing.
2024-04-25 Earned National Champion title.
2024-01-13 Earned Grand Champion title.
2023-12-16 Earned Champion title.
2023-07-01 Created by Charlotte
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