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Total seem off? This excludes horses created for Secret Santa.

2022-01-121CCDF auction
2022-01-131Driving Council auction.
2022-01-171TRS auction
2022-02-092Purchased 2 creation credits at the bank.
2022-02-211EG auction
2022-02-272Purchased 2 creation credits at the bank.
2022-03-202Purchased 2 creation credits at the bank.
2022-05-222Purchased 2 creation credits at the bank.
2022-06-212Purchased 2 creation credits at the bank.
2022-09-022Purchased 2 creation credits at the bank.
2022-09-022Purchased 2 creation credits at the bank.
2022-09-112Purchased 2 creation credits at the bank.
2022-10-111Happy birthday!
2022-10-201Mulligan of E222392.
2022-10-201Mulligan of E222393.
2022-10-311Happy Halloween! 🎃
2022-12-221Happy holidays!
2022-12-301Holiday Hack Reward!
2023-09-071Mulligan of E232304.
2023-10-111Happy birthday!
2023-12-021Mulligan of E232678.
2023-12-021Mulligan of E232679.
2024-01-0433 creation credits
2024-01-1022 creation credits
2024-01-1622 creation credits
2024-02-0822 creation credits
2021-12-22-1Created Geralt.
2021-12-22-1Created Yael.
2021-12-27-1Created Elspeth.
2021-12-27-1Created Cair Paravel.
2021-12-27-1Created Rose Atlantic.
2022-01-02-1Created Hedwig.
2022-01-04-1Created Music Box.
2022-01-12-1Created Hermike.
2022-01-13-1Created Loe.
2022-01-17-1Created Shootin Blanks.
2022-01-22-1Created Grand Blanc.
2022-02-09-1Created Leopold.
2022-02-09-1Created Alabaster.
2022-02-09-1Created Pepita.
2022-02-22-1Created Claybird.
2022-02-25-1Created Sootsprite.
2022-02-27-1Created Cinderlace.
2022-02-27-1Created Inkheart.
2022-03-20-1Created Pamplemousse.
2022-03-20-1Created Widdershins.
2022-05-22-1Created Toadstool.
2022-05-22-1Created Thistle.
2022-06-21-1Created Hugo.
2022-06-21-1Created Cosette.
2022-09-02-1Created Lights Camera.
2022-09-02-1Created Sriracha.
2022-09-02-1Created Bloem.
2022-09-11-1Created Archimedes.
2022-09-11-1Created Pfefferminz.
2022-11-03-1Created Seier.
2022-11-03-1Created Drage.
2023-06-30-1Created E231607.
2023-06-30-1Created E231608.
2023-07-05-1Created E232090.
2023-07-05-1Created E232091.
2023-09-07-1Created E232304.
2023-12-03-1Created Tisaanah.
2023-12-03-1Created Salazar.
2023-12-13-1Created Patina.
2024-01-04-1Created Beowulf.
2024-01-04-1Created Felurian.
2024-02-22-1Created Libelle.
2021-12-2010Welcome to Counter Canter!
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