• Members must be at least 16 years old to play Counter Canter. Once accepted, please post an introduction on the forums.
  • Choose a first name for yourself that is realistic (e.g., no numbers or symbols); your name may be changed later.
  • Members start with $100,000 and 10 creation credits; you may buy or sell credits in the bank.
  • Members should plan to complete a simple check-in twice yearly to remain in the game.
    • You may leave or quit and rejoin up to three times.
  • Self care is mandatory. Be kind to yourself and extend that courtesy to others. We are all here to unwind.
  • Players may own up to 75 horses.
  • We exist on an accelerated timeline. 1 real life year = 2 in game years, referred to as seasons 1 (Jan 1 - Jun 30) and 2 (Jul 1 - Dec 31).
  • Your Curators are Ethne, Blair, and Merri.
  • Horses need a unique name: please don't name after a real famous horse, farm (ie. "Z" for Zangersheide) or brand name.
  • Horses age automatically on January 1 and July 1.
  • The creator or breeder of the horse have buybacks but they are only a courtesy and not strictly enforceable.
  • Horses may be retired at any time. If they are 20 or older, they will automatically be retired. If they are under 20, they may become active again. Retired horses may not compete but are able to be bred.
  • Active horses require 1 stall, 1 acre, regular veterinary and farrier care as well as feed and tack.
    • It's silly to make you buy acres and stalls while you're boarding, but think of it as your stable is being built? Or it's a permit? 😅
    • Horses must see the vet and farrier once per game year.
    • Either the owner or boarding barn should supply feed.
    • Horses should have at least a saddle and bridle or carriage and harness.
  • You may lease horses to other members.
    • Leased horses will remain in the owner's name but will be visible on both the owner's and leaser's page.
    • Owners will retain their regular rights to edit the horse.
    • Points & winnings earned by leased horses will be awarded to those leasing the horse, not the owner.
    • Currently owners must provide the stall, acre, and any association dues for leases.
  • Optional personality traits can only be chosen once, and must all be set at the same time. Choose wisely!

  • Breeding
  • Horses must be 3 years old to be bred; mares may have one foal per birth year.
  • There is no gestation period required.
  • Crossbreeding is allowed. The the foal will be "Breed X/Breed Y" by default. If the foal should, realsitically, be one breed or the other, just message one of the Curators.
  • By default, players can only breed their own horses. However, stallion owners can offer breedings to other members.
The Orion House
  • Members may adopt or surrender horses to The Orion House (for a fee) at any time.
  • If a member leaves or quits, their horses are sent to The Orion House; we try to check buybacks when possible.
  • After surviving 30 days of membership, you may open any number of any type of establishments that you would like and can maintain.
    • Members that joined Counter Canter directly from On The Bit are able to bypass this wait time.
  • Story Mode activities do not hinder or limit business or stable creation.
    • You do not need to be a certain profession to open a certain business.
    • You do not need to purchase facilities to open an establishment.
  • You may co-own establishments with up to 3 other members.
  • Establishments need an online presence. They can live on a spreadsheet, a website, forum of its own.
    • Associations will be provided a page on-site.
    • On-site pages for stables may be obstained via the Neighborhood Game Shop.
  • We highly, highly recommend including a disclaimer somewhere on your site.
  • Only associations and businesses may have bank accounts.
    • Business owners are permitted to take a salary but ideally also put money back into the game other ways (sponsoring events, hosting raffles, etc).
  • Message one of the Curators to have your establishment added to the site! Please include the following:
    establishment name:
    url: not required for associations wanting to use the site's association page
    country: if stable
    type: association / business / stable
    subtype: private / boarding / vet / etc
  • Once your establishment has been added to the game by the Curators, you may edit its details under Home > Settings.
  • Horses may only compete in 1 discipline at a time.
  • Horses may compete in 1 event per day. Non-racehorses may enter a maximum of 3 classes per event (not per day).
  • With the exception of some disciplines: horses should earn a total of 5 placements - first, second or third - to advance to the next level.
  • Horses that retrain to a discipline they've previously shown in may compete at any level they've shown at. Placings do not reset.
    • Advancement is not required unless specified by the show host in division descriptions (ie. hunters in their first year).
  • Entries must begin with a horse’s ID number. If showing multiple entries together (for example in Pas de Deux or driving pairs), horse IDs must be separated by a comma. Members may decide how to format their show entries in addition to the base requirements.
  • Classes or races with at least 4 entries receive points:
  • PlacePoints
    1st30 points
    2nd27 points
    3rd24 points
    4th21 points
    5th18 points
    6th15 points
    ConditionBonus Points
    Gelding+3 points
    20+ class entries+6 points
    12+ class entries+3 points
    Minimum PointsTitlePrefix
    500 pointsChampionCh.
    1,000 pointsGrand ChampionGCh.
    2,000 pointsNational ChampionNCh.
    5,000 pointsContinental ChampionCCh.
    7,000 pointsWorld ChampionWCh.
    10,000 pointsElite ChampionElite
  • Any member with an arena may host an event.
    • Members need 1 arena per discipline per day to host an event.
    • You must personally own the arenas you are hosting the event for. You cannot share arenas.
    • Arenas are purchased at the bank.
  • Please do not overlap your show on the same day as another of the same discipline.
  • Plan to post your show 14 days before the run date but not further out than 60 days.
  • Please let the Curators know if you cannot run your results within 1 week of your scheduled date: we can help!
    • Regularly running shows late will result in a fine and being asked to take a break from hosting.
  • Results must be run using the Counter Canter randomizer.
  • Show hosts are expected to check entries for disqualifications (ie. horse showing too young or at the wrong level).
  • Prize money not sent automatically should be sent within 3 weeks of a show's run date.
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Counter Canter is open minded to member ingenuity and feedback. Surveys and discussions are common for continuous improvement of the game. Do not abuse this spirit by change mongering. Be respectful of the opinions and decisions of the Curators and other members.

The internet allows a lot of anonymity but if you are a jerk, you will take your leave. Playing should not give anyone heartburn.

While most members are 18 years or older, players as young as 16 years old are welcome to join. Keep all public conversation PG-rated.