Working Cow Horse

level min. age competitors
Non Pro3 years old22
Novice3 years old35
Training4 years old16
Limited4 years old13
Intermediate5 years old13
Advanced6 years old9
Master6 years old15
points won't be awarded
horses may begin at any of these levels
21 Owners
Kieran owns 21
Pinto owns 18
Ace owns 17
Andi owns 10
Artemis owns 10
Skylar owns 8
Alyson owns 7
Victoria owns 7
Dixie owns 6
Dean owns 5
Hollie owns 5
Eloise owns 4
Heather owns 4
Florence owns 2
Lila owns 1
Recent Show Results
24.2 Standings
Non Pro
1High on Summertime 3 y/oPaint HorsemareAce252
2Texas Hold 'Em ʄɱ*3 y/oQuarter HorsemareAce234
3Fantasy Land ʄɱ*4 y/oPaint HorsestallionAce222
4Showtime Superstar ʄɱ*4 y/oLusitano/Quarter HorsegeldingAce222
5Noble Spark ʄɱ*10 y/oQuarter HorsegeldingAce219
6Aventura ʄɱ*11 y/oAndalusianstallionAce210
7Whiskeydrunkagain 4 y/oQuarter HorsestallionPinto210
8Starcaster 3 y/oQuarter HorsestallionDixie207
9Sweet Serenity Tūī6 y/oQuarter HorsemareAce204
10Chica Cherry Cola ȿ3 y/oQuarter HorsemarePinto195
1Honeydukes 4 y/oPaint HorsestallionKieran240
2Surfing Sunset ʄɱ*5 y/oQuarter HorsestallionAce231
3Seaside Affair 🐻6 y/oAppaloosastallionSkylar204
4Break the Bank ʄɱ*4 y/oQuarter HorsestallionAce201
5Dreamin In Silver 4 y/oMustangstallionKieran201
6Guns Are Drawn 6 y/oQuarter HorsestallionLila186
7Sheza Tricksy Cat 4 y/oQuarter HorsemareKieran174
8Members Only 4 y/oQuarter HorsemareDixie165
9Black and Gold 4 y/oQuarter HorsestallionArtemis162
10Fourteen Carat 6 y/oMorgan HorsestallionPinto156
1Mikoa 6 y/oMustangstallionKieran186
2Failure to Launch 4 y/oPaint HorsestallionDixie177
3Paloma 6 y/oMustangmareVictoria171
4Lightupyourlife 7 y/oQuarter HorsestallionVictoria168
5Dressin for Revenge 4 y/oAppaloosamareEloise165
6Whisper 5 y/oQuarter HorsemareAce165
7Knuckleduster 🐻5 y/oAppaloosastallionSkylar147
8Sharp Dressed Man 4 y/oQuarter HorsestallionAndi138
9Bomb Dot Com 7 y/oAppaloosastallionEloise114
10Bourbon Sour 7 y/oQuarter HorsestallionAlyson105
1Creole Carnival 5 y/oQuarter HorsestallionAndi258
2Catch A Fish 6 y/oQuarter HorsestallionAce204
3Kiss Me Kiss Me ȿ7 y/oPaint HorsemareAce198
4Locked N Loaded 5 y/oPaint HorsestallionVictoria180
5Twisted By Design 9 y/oQuarter HorsestallionKieran180
6Illiyin 6 y/oArabianmareKieran168
7Sugar On Top ȿ6 y/oAppaloosamareHollie168
8Anxietea 9 y/oQuarter HorsemareKieran144
9Smoked Gouda ȿ13 y/oQuarter HorsemarePinto144
10Holdingoutforahero 6 y/oQuarter HorsemareKieran117
1Mudshovel 6 y/oQuarter HorsemareDean225
2Wild Card ʄɱ*8 y/oQuarter HorsemareAce210
3Zombified 6 y/oPaint HorsestallionAndi186
4Apotheosis HCM7 y/oMorgan HorsestallionAndi174
5Caribou Lou 7 y/oQuarter HorsestallionEloise174
6Primetime Royalty 6 y/oQuarter HorsemareDixie174
7King Creole 9 y/oPaint HorsestallionArtemis147
8Catch Me Mr 11 y/oQuarter HorsemareDean144
9All Around Fancy 7 y/oQuarter HorsemarePinto123
10Sisika 8 y/oMustangmareKieran117
1Thirteen Ghosts ȿ6 y/oQuarter HorsestallionSkylar312
2Diplomatic Immunity 7 y/oQuarter HorsemareAlyson258
3King of the Damned HCM9 y/oMorgan HorsestallionAndi252
4Fool Me Once 10 y/oQuarter HorsemareVictoria237
5Thieftaker ȿ8 y/oQuarter HorsestallionKieran231
6Crookshanks 8 y/oQuarter HorsestallionKieran201
7Never Have I Ever 11 y/oQuarter HorsemareVictoria201
8Fizzing Whizzbee 8 y/oQuarter HorsemareArtemis144
1Kiss N Tell 8 y/oPaint HorsemareVictoria252
2Fools Gold 12 y/oQuarter HorsemareHollie198
3Brass Knuckles 🐻11 y/oAppaloosamareSkylar180
4Vulgar 13 y/oArabianmareDean171
5Spin the Bottle ȿ11 y/oPaint HorsemarePinto168
6Holy Roller 8 y/oQuarter HorsestallionAndi162
7Siskiyou 12 y/oMustangstallionKieran141
8Something Whicked 9 y/oQuarter HorsemareKieran138
9Barkeep Special 8 y/oQuarter HorsestallionVictoria135
10Louisiana Hot Sauce 12 y/oPaint HorsestallionArtemis114
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