level min. age competitors
Introductory Level3 years old43
Training Level3 years old39
First Level4 years old23
Second Level5 years old33
Third Level6 years old37
Fourth Level7 years old26
Prix St. Georges7 years old21
Intermediate I8 years old16
Intermediate II8 years old14
Grand Prix8 years old47
points won't be awarded
horses may begin at any of these levels
34 Owners
Charlotte owns 34
Amanda owns 26
Heather owns 25
Diana owns 21
Faline owns 21
Emily owns 20
Victoria owns 19
Jamie owns 18
Melody owns 18
Lila owns 17
Erika owns 11
Odette owns 11
Nicki owns 9
Ada owns 8
Florence owns 8
Haven owns 8
Lissa owns 7
Bethany owns 6
Dean owns 5
Laurel owns 3
Vicki owns 3
Skylar owns 1
Recent Show Results
24.2 Standings
Introductory Level
1Bozena GGF3 y/oArabianmareAmanda252
2Bezdna GGF3 y/oArabianmareAmanda207
3Covert Operations 🦕3 y/oHaflingermareLissa177
4Mercurio 6 y/oAndalusianstallionCharlotte162
5Charon 3 y/oOldenburgstallionJamie150
6Urbano 4 y/oLusitanostallionCharlotte138
7Ofelia Ġ3 y/oDutch WarmbloodmareCharlotte135
8Madelief 4 y/oDutch WarmbloodmareCharlotte129
9Zoravar GGF4 y/oArabianstallionAmanda129
10Gratia Ġ3 y/oDutch WarmbloodmareCharlotte123
Training Level
1Sidónio 3 y/oLusitanostallionFaline219
2Memfis GGF4 y/oArabianstallionAmanda201
3Thumbelina 4 y/oDutch WarmbloodmareVictoria147
4Domingo PV5 y/oAndalusianstallionNicki144
5Estrela 9 y/oLusitanomareFaline144
6Villedieu HvH7 y/oDutch WarmbloodmareFlorence144
7Mynke 🦕9 y/oFriesianmareLissa132
8Caelum 10 y/oLusitanostallionDiana126
9Calineczka GGF4 y/oArabianmareAmanda117
10Deadshot 5 y/oFriesianstallionDiana114
First Level
1Areefa 10 y/oArabianmareAmanda222
2Rübezahl LSF 7 y/oHanoverianstallionOdette198
3Raziya GGF5 y/oArabianmareAmanda174
4Klaas 🦕9 y/oFriesianstallionLissa165
5Osvaldo 11 y/oLusitanostallionFaline156
6Totoro 14 y/oGerman Riding PonystallionLaurel156
7Thistledown Findlay 5 y/oConnemarastallionEmily147
8Esperanza 6 y/oAndalusianmareNicki129
9Trafalgar HvH6 y/oHolsteinerstallionOdette129
10Virtuoso 9 y/oAndalusianstallionNicki129
Second Level
1Esperanca 8 y/oLusitanomareLila207
2Biserka GGF6 y/oArabianmareAmanda171
3Erno Ġ5 y/oDutch WarmbloodstallionCharlotte159
4Fiero 9 y/oFriesianstallionLila159
5Descartes 6 y/oOldenburgstallionDiana153
6Batalha 𝐯7 y/oLusitanomareLila144
7Magnolia PS5 y/oDutch WarmbloodmareVictoria144
8Oszkar GGF5 y/oArabianstallionAmanda144
9Donnersmarck HvH7 y/oDutch WarmbloodstallionOdette138
10Faven 5 y/oFriesianmareFlorence135
Third Level
1Prorok GGF6 y/oArabianstallionAmanda177
2Roselia 6 y/oLusitanomareCharlotte171
3Minwah ASA8 y/oArabianmareAda153
4Zéfiro 11 y/oLusitanostallionJamie150
5Galante 12 y/oLusitanostallionLila147
6Sotero 6 y/oLusitanostallionCharlotte147
7Reya 8 y/oAndalusianmareNicki141
8Alice 6 y/oOldenburgmareEmily138
9Cinematic 6 y/oDutch WarmbloodstallionVictoria138
10Gatsby PS6 y/oDutch WarmbloodstallionVictoria135
Fourth Level
1Zefiryn GGF7 y/oArabianmareAmanda198
2Grandeur Ġ7 y/oDutch WarmbloodstallionCharlotte189
3Massimo Ġ7 y/oDutch WarmbloodstallionCharlotte189
4Astel §7 y/oWelsh CobgeldingLissa150
5As Always PS7 y/oDutch WarmbloodmareVictoria132
6Thistledown Falstarr 7 y/oConnemarastallionEmily123
7Lysandra 11 y/oDutch WarmbloodmareDiana120
8Lirio TI7 y/oLusitanostallionCharlotte114
9Mach One HvH7 y/oDanish WarmbloodstallionOdette114
10Vivaldi PS7 y/oHolsteinerstallionVictoria114
Prix St. Georges
1Nienke Ġ8 y/oFriesianmareFaline198
2Volkhov GGF8 y/oArabianstallionAmanda198
3Liesje Ġ8 y/oFriesianmareJamie195
4Angarsk GGF8 y/oArabianstallionAmanda186
5Rhosyn 8 y/oWelsh CobmareLaurel177
6Inka 𝐯8 y/oFriesianmareFaline138
7Kristoff 9 y/oLipizzanerstallionVictoria123
8Thistledown Flannery 8 y/oConnemaramareEmily123
9Kamilla TI8 y/oLusitanomareDean114
10Gaia 8 y/oAndalusian/Dutch WarmbloodmareVictoria99
Intermediate I
1Valentina PS8 y/oDutch WarmbloodmareCharlotte210
2Sanrevelle 9 y/oLusitanostallionFaline147
3Kaarle 8 y/oDutch WarmbloodstallionCharlotte141
4Beralka GGF9 y/oArabianmareAmanda135
5Conversano Gaetana 8 y/oLipizzanerstallionAda126
6Mystique TI9 y/oDutch WarmbloodmareJamie123
7Tolkien PS8 y/oHanoverianstallionVictoria111
8Rafael Š9 y/oLusitanostallionFaline102
9Tivadar 10 y/oLipizzanerstallionVictoria96
10Wishing Well 8 y/oHanoverianmareJamie87
Intermediate II
1Bellatrix 10 y/oFriesianmareJamie156
2Magnifico 10 y/oLusitanostallionFaline150
3Fuego 11 y/oAndalusianstallionCharlotte141
4Margriet 12 y/oTrakehnermareDean141
5Midnight Fog 9 y/oHanoverianmareJamie135
6Bastian 𝐯10 y/oFriesianstallionFaline132
7Zawisza GGF10 y/oArabianmareAmanda129
8And Cannons Too 12 y/oFriesianmareJamie123
9Hirune 𝐯9 y/oLusitanomareCharlotte108
10Dante Ġ11 y/oFriesianstallionFaline102
Grand Prix
1Ariadne 11 y/oIberian WarmbloodmareDean252
2Agathe 11 y/oDutch WarmbloodmareCharlotte216
3Bram 13 y/oFriesianstallionFaline210
4Knives and Bullets 13 y/oFriesianstallionJamie204
5Gardenia Ġ9 y/oDutch WarmbloodmareCharlotte183
6Matilde 𝐯13 y/oLusitanomareLila180
7Adelita 11 y/oAndalusianmareDean171
8Damasco 𝐯13 y/oLusitanostallionLila159
9Eternal Oath 🐻10 y/oPaint HorsemareSkylar159
10Jubilee PS9 y/oSelle FrancaismareVictoria153
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