Institute of the Range

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The Institute of the Range (IR) was founded to unite advocates for wild/feral/semi-feral/free-roaming horses and ponies. These horses are in danger. Greed, apathy, and malice all threaten their survival. Together we will make sure their heritage is celebrated, their hardiness recognized, and their legacy continued.

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[American Mustang] & [Australian Brumby] & [Spanish Mustang]

Current Members
NameTypeJoinedparticipating horses
Aceauto2022 S1 9
Alysonauto2023 S1 10
Daisymanual2022 S2 7
Jadeauto2023 S2 2
Kieranauto2022 S1 10
Melodyauto2022 S1 4
Victoriaauto2023 S2 1