Friesian Stamboek

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The Friesian horse is a fairytale, pulled from old tales into being. A centuries-old heritage is written in the blackness of their coats, their proud bones, strong mind, character, and form. Warhorses of yore and faithful companion. The Friesian Stamboek (FS) promotes the interest of these horses in the broadest sense. The FS realizes this through the meticulous documentation and furthering of breeding programs to maintain and further refine the unique characteristics of these horses. With a regal bearing, suitability for both recreational and professional equestrian sports, friendly disposition, and otherworldly quality — it is easy to see how these were the horses of royalty.

— Events will be hosted on the third Thursday of each month to not conflict with the Baroque Horse Society.
— Membership dues are per season: $500 for a member's first season and $1,000 in subsequent seasons.
— Dues must be paid to participate in FS events and to be eligible for FS awards.

with love, Blair & Merri
Current Members
NameTypeJoinedparticipating horses
Artemismanual2022 S2 5
Blair auto2022 S2 23
Charlottemanual2022 S2 11
Ethneauto2022 S2 2
Florencemanual2022 S2 17
Heathermanual2022 S2 0
Melodymanual2022 S2 5
Merri auto2022 S2 13
Sibauto2023 S1 1
Violetmanual2022 S2 5