Rodeo Club

governing body for Gaming and Roping

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Welcome to the Rodeo Club.
We focus on Roping - Calf Roping, Breakaway Roping, Team Roping and Gaming - Barrel Racing and Pole Bending.
Three ridden shows per month plus 1 inhand show or junior rodeo show.
Ropers do not have to compete in all three roping classes, but can if the member chooses. Gamers do not have to compete in both classes, but can if the member chooses.
Team roping requires two horses and must be entered as follows: HID# Horse Name, HID# Horse Name owned by Owner Name of Stable Name

CCRC 23 S1 Hard Times Rodeo
CCRC 23 S1 Resolutions Rodeo
CCRC 23 S1 Rodeo Rebels
CCRC 23 S1 January Junior Rodeo

CCRC 23 S1 Restless Renegades
CCRC 23 S1 Starbright Rodeo
CCRC 23 S1 Canyon Crazies
CCRC 23 S1 February Junior Rodeo

CCRC 23 S1 Winnnnning
CCRC 23 S1 Winter Freeze Rodeo
CCRC 23 S1 Rocking A Rodeo
CCRC 23 S1 March Junior Rodeo
CCRC 23 S1 Wild and Crazy

CCRC 23 S1 Jolly Ranchers Fair
CCRC 23 S1 April Showers Showdown
CCRC 23 S1 Southern Belles
CCRC 23 S1 April Junior Rodeo

CCRC 23 S1 Custom Rustler
CCRC 23 S1 May Flowers Fling
CCRC 23 S1 Ropeitnride
CCRC 23 S1 May Junior Rodeo

CCRC 23 S1 The Best
CCRC 23 S1 School’s Out Showdown
CCRC 23 S1 Trying 2 Win
CCRC 23 S1 June Junior Rodeo
CCRC 23 S1 Let R Buck

CCRC 23 S2 Need For Speed Classic
CCRC 23 S2 Dash For Cash Roundup
CCRC 23 S2 Yee-Haw Rodeo
CCRC 23 S2 July ????

CCRC 23 S2 Moonshine Festival
CCRC 23 S2 Cowboys and Cowgirls Rodeo
CCRC 23 S2 - Rawhide Roundup
CCRC 23 S2 August ????

CCRC 23 S2 Saddlehorn Showdown
CCRC 23 S2 Silver Spurs Rodeo
CCRC 23 S2 Speed Demon Festival
CCRC 23 S2 Sept ????

CCRC 23 S2 In It To Win It
CCRC 23 S2 Lickety Split Showdown
CCRC 23 S2 Rock ‘N Rodeo
CCRC 23 S2 October ????

CCRC 23 S2 Grand Tetons Rodeo
CCRC 23 S2 Cows & Cans Rodeo
CCRC 23 S2 Apple Jack Challenge
CCRC 23 S2 November ????

CCRC 23 S2 Old West Stampede
CCRC 23 S2 Winter Showdown
CCRC 23 S2 National Finals Rodeo
CCRC 23 S2 National Finals ????
Current Members
PID auto entry: 2, 4, 12, 13, 23, 27, 32, 68, 92
NameTypeJoinedparticipating horses
Ace auto2022 S2 18
Alysonauto2023 S1 6
Andiauto2023 S1 2
Artemisauto2022 S2 5
Bexleyauto2022 S2 9
Daisyauto2022 S2 8
Ethneauto2023 S1 0
Hollieauto2023 S1 7
Skylarmanual2022 S2 10