Working Equitation Guild

governing body for Working Equitation

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Welcome to the Guild

The Working Equitation Guild was established to promote and develop the discipline of working equitation in Counter Canter. Open to horses of all breeds, the WEG provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate the partnership between horse and rider.
Current Members
PID auto entry: 3, 5, 6, 17, 23, 46, 52, 67, 92
NameTypeJoinedparticipating horses
Aceauto2022 S2 8
Alysonauto2023 S1 3
Blairauto2022 S2 14
Charlotteauto2022 S2 6
Havenmanual2023 S1 1
Merriauto2023 S1 3
Violet auto2022 S2 7