Welcome to Counter Canter

Come for the ponies, stay for the people

Counter Canter is an equine sim game, a hybrid of forum-based play and thoughtfully automated features. Opened in 2022, Counter Canter is a simulation both captivating yet playable for the busy adult.

If you’re new to sim games, welcome! Counter Canter is a forum-based game with a custom website that allows you to create, breed, and show the horses of your dreams. For example, banking (using fake sim money) happens on the main site along with the horse registry but negotiating sales and entering events happens on our very active forum.

The seasoned simmer will find their home here as well. The game has a unique balance between realism and sim compromises, automation and interaction amongst members. Members help drive the direction of the game and we’ve put a lot of thought - years in the making - into getting things *just* right.

Numbers for Nerds
  • CC is home to 48 active members with 96 stables
  • 2,462 horses exist across 39 breeds
  • 4,569 events have been hosted across 16 disciplines
  • 24 businesses and 17 associations are currently active
  • The latest and greatest
  • 2024-05-27 – Long Island 88, Appaloosa mare, was bred
  • 2024-05-26 – Tsagantegia, Thoroughbred mare, was created
  • 2024-05-24 – Jurassic Feed & Supply was founded
  • 2024-05-29 – Western stars May 2024 (Working Cow) was hosted
  • A random neighbor
  • Ada currently has 38 active horses.
  • They joined 2021-12-21 and were last seen today. 
  • They participate in 14 associations and 11 disciplines.
  • Their balance is $193,769 and they have 266,254 experience.
  • Things our players said

    Counter Canter is a thriving community and by far the friendliest I’ve ever joined. It offers convenient automation with the old-school forum participation that makes it perfect for even the most fast-paced lifestyle. If you’re seeking new-age simming combined with the nostalgia from older games, Counter Canter is the perfect place for you! — Shanny
    Counter Canter is a pony game for big kids. I don’t recommend adulting, but I DO recommend Counter Canter. — Kieran
    if I can’t log into CC and see all my beloved pretend ponies and delightful real friends, it’s a sad day. a very sad day indeed. — Diana
    Counter Canter